Back Pain

Get a tailored care plan to help you back on track, allowing you to reach your optimal health potential.

Are you experiencing
back pain?

At Freo Chiro we know how this can affect your everyday life – we are here create you a tailored care plan to help to get you back on track, allowing you to reach your optimal health potential.

Do you experience the following?

  • Tension in your shoulders
  • Restricted movement
  • Muscle spasms
  • Bad posture
  • Difficult moving/ bending

Common causes of back pain:

  • Trauma
  • Non-active lifestyle
  • Long periods of sitting (i.e. at a work desk without getting up at regular intervals)
  • Bad posture
  • Poor spinal alignment
  • Lifting a heavy object with bad technique
  • Injuries
  • Disease (underlying)


Back pain is one of the most common complaints we see here at Freo Chiro. There are a huge range of reasons someone can experience back pain with several possible diagnoses, so it is important we can accurately identify why you are experiencing this pain and tailor a care plan specifically for you, to get you back to optimal health.


Ready to take the steps towards a better you?

Our dedicated team at Fremantle Chiropractic provides quality chiropractic care in a safe and family friendly environment. The below steps are what you can expect in our Fremantle practice.



Here we listen to your health concerns, gathering all the information about what’s happening right now, along with your health journey to date. 



Then we want to get our hands on you!  We want to feel your spine and take you through the objective tests that will tell us what your body is doing right now.  


Get Started

We pride ourselves in being able to put together all of the information and come up with a care plan to help to get you back on track, allowing you to reach your optimal health potential.  



As we want to be able to check your progress regularly, our extensive objective tests allow us to do that. At regular intervals we will perform key tests to make sure that you are healing and headed in the right direction.

Our Dedicated Team

Our team is the best thing about us! We bring a wealth of experience as well as a desire to serve and a passion for what we do.

Our 3 chiropractors bring their own unique skill and knowledge set and we meet regularly to discuss cases and share new techniques and approaches. 

We are committed to life-long learning and service.

Dr Jenny Askwith

Bsc Chiro,
B Chiro

Dr Jenny is the director of Fremantle Chiropractic.

She was born in Perth and spent her childhood growing up in the northern suburbs. Once she graduated from school she attended Murdoch University to complete her chiropractic degree. 

Dr Taylor


Dr Taylor is the principal chiropractor at Fremantle Chiropractic.  She has a special interest in looking after difficult and chronic cases as well as infants and children.  

Dr Stephanie Brindal

Bsc Chiro,
B Chiro

After graduating from Murdoch University Dr Steph practiced for many years in a leading multi-disciplinary practice in Sydney’s Northern beaches.  

Dr Maddison


Dr Maddi graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic) and Bachelor of Clinical Chiropractic, with distinction. 


Chiro Assistant

Jasminka joined our Fremantle chiropractic family in 2020, after coming from a retail management