Everyone has questions before their first visit. So, to help you prepare, we have formulated some of our most commonly asked questions for you to check our before you visit us.

If you still have questions before your first visit feel free to call the team today!

I’ve heard about chiropractic adjustments, but I don’t really know what it is?

An adjustment is the corner stone of chiropractic care.  It is the term that chiropractors use to describe what we do to achieve optimal movement and function in the spine and nerve system.  There are so many ways that we can do an adjustment.  It will always involve some form of analysis to find the area in the spine that we want to affect and then we will choose from our various techniques to put input into the spinal joints.  Specialised tables and instruments help us to perform gentle specific adjustments, but our most valuable tool is the chiropractor’s hands.  

An adjustment is gentle and should be a pleasant experience.  Sometimes we might couple an adjustment with other forms of body work as well as give you advice on movement, nutrition and other helpful tips to bring your spine and nerve system back into balance.

How long do I have to keep coming to the chiropractor?

How long and how often you get adjusted is entirely up to you.  We like to work with people to develop a care plan that is specific to them and designed to get them to their goals as quickly as possible.  How quickly people get results is often dependent on how good they are at following advice.  If you can make the necessary improvement in lifestyle factors like movement, nutrition and relaxation as well as reduce the things creating stress in your environment, there’s a much better chance that you will get results faster.

Our observation has been that any time that you want to make change in your body, time and repetition are involved.  Take weight loss or fitness for example.  Making changes in your spine is no different which is why your chiropractor might advise you to have consistent visits over a period of time.   Importantly, you are in the drivers seat.

Do you see babies?

Yes, we see lots of infants and children.  Our chiropractors are trained and qualified to look after people of all ages and we are fortunate to enjoy referrals from various healthcare professionals.

A visit to the chiropractor for a baby if incredibly different to that of an adult.  Sometimes it might involve home care and referrals to other health providers and it will never involve cracking or clicking.   We always take time to speak to parents at length about their objectives and concerns and explain everything in detail so that parents can make an informed choice about their child’s care.

I’m in pain, should I see a chiropractor now?

We see people in pain every day.  It’s not uncommon for us to help a person out of their car because their low back has flared up or to turn the lights and music down for someone who is in the middle of a cracker migraine.  We will do what we can to help you get more comfortable.

People come to see us with all kinds of pain from hip and leg pain to headaches and general aches from too much time sitting at the computer.   If you are wondering if chiropractic is the right thing for your particular situation, the best thing to do is to come and have a chat with us.  It is usually clear pretty quickly if you are in the right place or not.

I’m not in pain should I see a chiropractor?

It doesn’t really make sense to wait until your car has broken down to get it serviced so why would you wait until your body has broken down to look after it?  Sometimes the small niggle and aches that you have been putting up with are actually your body’s warning system telling you that something isn’t right.  One of the things we hear is “it hasn’t been bad enough to go see someone”, but our advice is don’t wait for a niggle to become a bigger problem.

We also enjoy looking after people who are proactive about their health and get adjusted regularly as part of their healthy lifestyle choices.

Can I claim with my health fund?

All of our chiropractors are registered with AHPRA so if you have chiropractic cover in your premium you will be able to claim.  As a paperless practice we email all of your receipts, which makes it easy to claim online.

I’m pregnant; can I come to the chiropractor?

At Fremantle Chiropractic we see a lot of pregnant women.   It might be that one of our regular people becomes pregnant and we get to look after them for their whole pregnancy or perhaps an expectant mother who is fed up with the aches and pains that appeared in her second trimester might want some help.  We utilise a range of techniques specific to pregnant women and make sure that you are comfortable the whole time.

It’s really important to note that although you might have heard someone say that a chiropractor ‘turned my breach baby’, there are not chiropractic adjustments that directly touch or move your baby.  The idea is that if we can help to allow the mothers pelvis and spine to move normally then the baby will also move and position itself in an ideal way.