What is tech neck?

Did you know that excessive use of devices can be causing you neck pain? On average, Australians spend 5.5 hours on their phone each day. ‘Tech Neck’ has become a common issue due to endless social media browsing, texting and watching content on our devices.

Here at Fremantle Chiropractic, we are raising awareness of the causes and negative effects of neck pain. In recent years, lifestyle changes such as spending more time on devices (phones, laptops or computers) and decreased physical movement has put a huge amount of pressure and stress on the neck and spine. This contributes to an environment to which your nervous system cannot function to its potential and you may notice that other body systems may not be feeling the best because of it.

What is ‘Tech Neck’?

Tech Neck refers to the neck pain and posture damage that derives from the habit of consistently looking at our devices. You may not realise it, but the neck pain may have been caused by repetitive strain to the muscles and other tissue of the cervical spine from hunching over looking at your screen. 

The first step to correcting your tech neck is to identify the signs that you need to take action. Take a look at the signs below, do any of these relate to you?

Signs of Tech Neck:

  1. Neck pain
  2. Poor Posture
  3. Increased pain when in a forward-head position
  4. Headaches
  5. Reduced mobility and/or stiffness in the neck, upper back and shoulders

How to correct Tech Neck?

Implementing positive spinal health habits, such as postural changes and modification of the use of tech devices can prevent neck pain caused by tech neck. Try and limit the period of time you are using your device during the day. Changing the way you hold your phone, so that the screen is at eye level. This means you are less likely to be hunching your shoulders and putting strain on your neck. The posture you develop is controlled by automatic feedback systems in your nerves which stem from your central nervous system in your brain, so not only are you able to correct your “Tech Neck” with some movements and exercises, but your chiropractor can have an effect on this with your adjustments. As these devices are becoming more commonly used amongst all ages groups, it is important to consider the whole families’ postural health and allow the body to adapt through chiropractic to minimise the impact of such devices.

At Fremantle Chiropractic, our chiropractors can individually assess each patient, identify any issues that you may be struggling with and carefully tailor a plan for you. If you are experiencing tech neck then consider making a booking so we can assist you in your journey to make lifestyle changes, reduce the risk of spinal health issues and encourage more vitality!



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